Liquid Timer Fun Activities

Liquid Timers are available to buy at many stores. We found them in Hobbycraft, Ebay and Amazon. Using them we found lots of easy to do sensory activities for them. Read on to learn how make to most of you Liquid Timer.

Liquid Timer Fun Activities

Liquid Timer Fun ActivitiesThe Tobar Liquid Timer is a portable sensory toy with many uses beyond that of a simple sensory fidget toy. For example you can induce a natural calming affect with the mesmerising flow of bubbles. Thus helping an agitated child, struggling with waiting. Also the timer helps a child needing some help self-soothing. The robust design makes the toy suitable for children over 36 months.  Soon you will find the liquid timer becomes a favourite in your sensory toolkit.

Liquid Timer Activities

Calm Time

The power of the Liquid Timer as a calming fiddle toy in its own right cannot be ignored. The Liquid Timer provides a natural and focussed calming down activity. Especially for children with ADHD tendencies, agitation, or hyperactivity. Also it works well with those on the Autistic Spectrum.

The mesmerising liquid bubbles traveling in spirals from the top of the tube to the bottom, the child being able to control the movements through turning the tube, provide a soothing focal point. For use on the move, at home or in sensory rooms. The Liquid Timer is a valuable addition to your sensory toys.

Mindful Focus

Mindfulness continues to gain popularity and is becoming increasingly mainstream. Mindfulness can help regulate emotions and promote self-soothing and calming regulation in children who struggle in many different areas. However, children frequently need a focus to learn the basics of mindfulness, and a concrete way of sitting still to simply ‘be’.

The Tobar Liquid Timer makes an ideal Mindfulness aid for children as it is naturally mesmerising, encouraging a child to sit and simply acknowledge what is going on for them. For children a visual aid is key, and the bubble flow promotes this.

Count Down Activities

Whether your children have additional needs or are neuro-typical. Family life can become fraught with hotspots of frenetic activity and stress simply due to time limitations and an unfocussed child.  So make these routine hotspots into a game, or a challenge, to help remove the stress of getting the job done. Use the Tobar Liquid Timer to turn getting dressed in to a race against the clock, with a visual aid. Also try using the timer as a way of giving your child a visual warning as to when it is time to leave the house or an activity.

Understanding process, and feeling some level of control, is essential for children with neurological conditions. Therefore, the Tobar Liquid Timer, small enough to take out and about, provides a concrete visual countdown to change, removing stress and providing the much needed anticipation tempered with predictability.



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