Slime Making Lemon Grass Dream Clicky Anti Stress Sensory Slime

Slime is a sensory product that is great for wellbeing. We make this slime with our non toxic PVA glue. Turn the sound up and listen to the therapeutic sound of clicky de-stressing slime.

PVA Slime GlueOur Glue is free from Phthalates, latex, wheat and gluten which makes it very kind to skin, and good to use in slime recipes.

Why is slime good for de-stressing? If you listen to the audio and play it over and over you get a sense of relaxation.

Also sticking your fingers into it over and over again whilst in the plastic cup creates a clear clinking sound which is therapeutic in nature.

We also add essential oils to our slime which makes it multi sensory, when you open the licd of the container and smell the scent from the slime you get a sense of calm or invigoration.

We use colours which are suitable for skin similar to that which is used in soap making, always kind to skin.

We sell our slime online and in our store The Gallery London

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