Saline Solution Slime

Saline Solution Slime RULES!


What is Saline Solution Slime?

The phenomenon that is slime has been around for at least three years now with ready made saline solution slime available everywhere from Argos to Smyths Toys. One of the reasons for this is the variety and simplicity of making and having fun with slime. Slime is so famous, even the BBC have reported on it. Slime may seem silly and aimed at children, and it is, but there is a science to slime. Let me explain a little.

Science of Slime

The science of slime is serious, and has even had a write up in Scientific American. So if you ever feel silly for playing with slime, you can just tell people it’s because you’re interested in Non-Newtonian fluids. Seriously though, like baking, making slime is simple chemistry (though with complicated sounding words). Here is two of the main ones:

•Non-Newtonian fluid.

Now let me explain. Polymers are key to slime. A polymer is a long chain of the same molecule, similar to bike chains but oh so much smaller! Now imagine a pot of bike chains. When you lift out one, it comes out on its own, free from all the others. This is like PVA in its natural state. Now, by adding an activator in our case that’s liquid starch or saline solution (with boric acid) the polymers in the glue start to bond to each other. The chains tangle together creating the phenomenon that is slime.

Once made you will notice that the slime looks like a solid, but when you play with it it seems almost like a liquid. This looking like a solid, and behaving like a liquid makes Slime a Non-Newtonian liquid, which really means that it is neither liquid nor solid. This class of substances are still of interest to serious scientists in their labs.

Slimy Benefits

A benefit of making slime at home, with children, is that it is an activity, a creation of something. Making children part of the process, like baking, shows children not only how things are made but gives them insight into sequencing. A beginning and an end. Thus, children get to see First this, then that, step-by-step.

Onto making slime at home (which is easy).

Saline Solution Slime

•Washable PVA glue.
•Saline Solution (make sure it contains boric acid – we used one from Boots  ).
•Bicarbonate of soda.
•Measuring Spoon(s).
•Mixing Bowl.
•Spoon for stirring.
•Food Colouring, glitter, or scented essential oil.

Lets make some Saline Solution Slime!
1.Pour 100ml of glue into a bowl.
2.Add food colouring, glitter, or scented essential oil, and thoroughly stir.
3.Mix in 1/4TSP Bicarbonate of soda and stir.
4.Add 1 TBLSP saline solution, and stir until the mixture comes away from the sides of the bowl and becomes a single blob. Now the fun bit.
5.With your hands, scoop the mixture out of the bowl and start to knead and stretch it. You will see the slime really come together and act like the slime you’ll come to love and enjoy.

An added bonus is that saline solution slime is something to make with children. You may feel that this is only because of the health and safety as much as making sure too much mess is made. Yet, this gives you the opportunity to actively take part in the creation of slime and have in the making.

To call slime a fad is to judge something that is not only fun, but educational, and in many cases therapeutic. Which is why we have launched our own slime kits.

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