Starting School Transition Resource Kit



‘The early years provision is led well….children are prepared well for the next stage of school and are ready to move confidently into Year 1.’ (OFSTED 2015)

Getting ready to go to school is part of a crucial transition stage for children. Childminders, nurseries and other Early Years Child Care Providers are judged on their ability to get this right. For children and their parents it is very important for their wellbeing and a good start through support and advice can create a pleasurable and enjoyable beginning.


  • Story book in protective plastic cover – Also available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Somali, Romanian, Arabic, Polish, it prepares children and parents for school
  • The Lion hand puppet
  • The Doll
  • Bag
  • USB with digital downloads  –

Video of the story in English

Video of the story with Spanish subtitles

Audio of the story in English

Audio of the story in Somali

Early Years Developmental match document

Activity pdf – 12 activities for printing and lesson planning

Book list and links to appropriate fiction and non fiction Early Years and Key Stage 1 books

Felt Lion template and instructions pdf


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