Fun Activities For Children Collection

Fun Activities for Children Collection

Elevate’s Fun Activities for Children collection spotlights some simple toys and resources that we enjoy.

From playing find the carrot, making a game of getting ready for school, or pretending to be a dinosaur who cannot step on small animals. These toys and activities are both educational and fun for all the family. Who says we can’t both learn and have fun?

Whether your child is neuro-typical or not, we think this collection of fun activities are suitable for all young children and the adults in their lives.

Play is an important part of any child’s development. Habits lasting a lifetime can be cemented in a child’s early years.

As adults, we don’t really enjoy getting dressed in the morning, or washing and brushing our teeth. Yet we do these things because they are habits we learned early on in our lives. The difficulty comes when we want to help our children learn these same activities. What appears so easy and natural to adults is new and Fun Activities for childrenalien to children.

Now here is the tricky bit, children with extra challenges in life can have more difficulty engaging in, and being motivated by, activities that do not interest them. For example if learning to write with a pencil is boring, or a child has difficulty with the fine motor control needed to write their letters clearly, those children are going to find something else to do which they consider fun. Like adults, children prefer having fun and doing something they enjoy!

With this mind, below all this writing is a collection of articles about specific sensory toys that can turn learning a new skill from boring to fun! So put on your monster feet and pick up your light spinner let’s go have fun!

The Fun Activities for Children Collection

Our Wooden Farm activities highlight the importance of social interaction and role play. The activities are particularly good if your child is on the autistic spectrum or has difficulty playing with other children.

Say hello to Bog Eyed Bugglies who you can stroke, tug, roll and squeeze. See them change, and feel the sensations they create. A Perfect sensory toy for many children.

Liquid Timers offer a natural calming affect with the mesmerising flow of bubbles they produce. Helping to calm and soothe children. Also these timers add a splash of fun to count down activities like teeth brushing, orFun Activities for children getting dressed in the morning.

A Light Spinner can help children who struggle to focus. Playing with the spinner will provide sensory feedback as well as aiding coordination and muscle control.

A dinosaur, Godzilla, a marauding giant? Help your child be the monster they always wanted to be with Monster Feet. They also help to develop core strength, balance, and gross motor skills. And nothing helps developing motor skills like fun time obstacle courses.

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